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So I guess I never mentioned here why I'm lasercutting everything these past few months - it's because I've been interning with MAKEatx. I'm mostly a go-to Internet girl (I looooove the Internet, of course), which means that I started and maintain the blog and update Pinterest and Twitter. I also do miscellaneous workshop dutIies, including production of the products they sell throughout the greater Austin area.  The coolest perk is that I get access to a laser cutter and can play with it to my heart's desire (seeing as how my heart does not desire to do anything destructive with powerful machinery.)

I'm working on a lot of new, different things to put up on Etsy (and,  not to jinx it or anything, but elsewhere if Tuesday goes well.)  I think I definitely like making packaging more than products themselves, though!  I've had the luxury of experimenting with a lot of different ways to ship out my products, and the latest is my very own customized jewelry boxes.

P.S. Anyone who sells handmade goods or whatever and is interested in lasercut packaging, please get in touch!  I'd love to work with you.

I am currently working on a collection of stationary that isn't quite ready yet (get it right or don't do it) & have a lot of variations of my packaging (including cards for thank you notes)  that are still in "sample" form just hanging out.  PLUS my mom is visiting for the very first time next week, so I've been cleaning up like crazy and finding all sorts of hidden gems.

In light of this & my pretty decent collection of stamps waiting to be sent all over, I've decided WHY NOT SEND STUFF TO INTERNET FRIENDS?????

A lot of my current IRL friendships originated online, honestly - it's a cool place to get in touch with people with similar interests!  But there are a lot of variations of it: roommates and other friends I see on a weekly basis, friends I contact via Twitter frequently or text, friends who I met that one time when we happened to be in the same city,  like-minded darlings who read this blog but don't actually talk to me or comment that much, etc. 4evs.  The point is, I like you all and wish to be a mulch-millionaire who could visit you all!  Since I can't, though, how about I send you some mail?

If you wanna be included, e-mail me at ventriclestory at gmail.com with your address!  There are a lot of things you might possibly get, including a nice note, blank stationary I made myself, prints of work by both myself and friends that are extras hangin' out after they were included with old zines I distributed, and maybe even originals. WHO KNOWS?

Please don't be hesitant to shoot me an email if you don't think we know each other that well - the point of all of this is to get to know people better! I'm happy to send things internationally, too, so that shouldn't scare you off!

P.S.  I know I definitely owe a few people mail...mostly people I had great ambitions of making something original for & haven't quite gotten it right yet (lookin' at you, Zoe) and people who I should have sent something to long ago but might not even have the right address for anymore?  (*cough* Liz *cough*)  You guys are already on the list, but if you think I don't have a current address for you, please get in touch!


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