ladies' man, indeed

I remember seeing this photo of Tom Cruise and his Risky Business co-star Rebecca de Mornay on the excellent Old Love a while back and thinking that I needed to know everything about her, but then I (foolishly) did not pursue the matter further.

Because, really, anyone who makes a Cats t-shirt look that sexy deserves to be more famous than Tom Cruise, right?

Super hot!

But then this morning I was looking at old pictures of Newport Folk Festival, and I came across some pictures of her with Leonard Cohen (not actually related to Newport Folk Festival, but you know how looking at things on the Internet goes...) and found out that they were actually a serious couple in the early 90s.  She even co-produced The Future!  

Christof Graf, 1993
So, um, I guess their relationship wasn't a secret or a scandal seeing as how, you know, she was credited in his liner notes (although for whatever reason, photos of them have only recently surfaced and there are very few)...but I figured the fact that I just found out means there are other people who this information would appeal to who were unaware.  

Obviously, my research into Leonard Cohen's love life had previously (justifiably!) been focused on Joni Mitchell, which is way juicier


Old gossip is the best gossip, right?


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  2. I watched Risky Business for the first time a few weeks ago and was blown away by Rebecca de Mornay. I also failed to do any research on her, though. Weird.


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