two parter

(image from fashionista)
way excited to see the newest cover of the gentlewoman, which like everyone else, i am completely smitten with. when i get my hands on the newest issue (i get mine from books a million in case you're looking for a retailer who carries it), i'll be sure to share via photographs my favorite parts.

last night i watched the last days of disco (1980) and am already obsessed with all of alice's (chloe sevigny's characters) outfits and how could i not be? officewear + glitter in every scene. here's a few screencaps of her ensembles from the film: 


  1. ok, now I need to watch this movie!

  2. Now I really want to see this film! Chloe Sev looks gorgeous.

  3. ahhhhhh omg I love this movie. THIS SCENE!!! -



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