keep it cute

I thought I'd share a few odds and ends in my life that have made me smile recently, since it's 20 degrees outside and I desperately need the reminder!

My new embroidery thread in the color scheme I'd like to live in:

Right now, Ventricular Projects is a long distance operation (though, come September, we should occupy a house in Austin with a corgi puppy and a Siberian kitten!). The main perk of the current situation, however, is fun things in the mail!

Art by Carly which I'll be distributing to three lucky Tilde Journal pre-orderers!:

Fun things I get to keep:

Until the big move, I'll be enjoying another pretty great living situation:

Finally, I thought I'd share my teapot with you, since it's served me so well. I feel a bit ashamed, however, having one teapot since I grew up in a home with a very impressive collection that I hope to compete with one day. Until then, isn't this one pretty nice?

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  1. love those thread colors!!!!! i've been really wanting to do some embroidery but i fear that i don't have your patience. perhaps i'll get some similar knits and make our future pets matching sweaters.


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