and the jay-z song was on

After I helped Eve and Kristen over at MAKEatx create some pop up unicorn business cards a while back, I've been meaning to make some of my own inspired by Miley Cyrus.

I really love "Party in the USA" with no shame - super catchy and I like to think of it as a response to one of my favorite Jonathan Richman tunes, "Parties in the USA" even though I know that isn't true.  However, I am a little embarrassed by the number of juke boxes tucked away in dive bars of the greater Boston area that I fed dollar bills so I could hear the song, but me spending money I shouldn't is not Miley's fault, is it? It's totally the fault of bars in Boston being so very not good. 

Got my hands up, they're playing my song
And now I'm gonna be okay
Yeah! It's a party in the USA!

Another update is that they actually have a URL on them (look who's hustling now) and instead of saying handmade jewelry, they say handmade goods.  That means new things are coming, y'all - some of it is different jewelry, but some of it is not jewelry at all!

A side note: why isn't this Portlandia sketch getting more attention? We all talked about Put a Bird On It to death, didn't we?

One of the constants of the past decade had definitely been hearing Carrie Brownstein's voice in my head and thinking, "she is totally singing about my life!"


Also, flowers, right? I bought these on a whim the other day and it made everything better.  Pictured hangin' out with Jamboree by Beat Happening (hearts in my eyes for Calvin Johnson forever) and Kill All Of Your Friends by The Disaster Life. I was looking through stuff trying to kind of clean the house and thought they all belonged together.  Jessica mentioned a sequel zine on Tumblr and I hope that happens and I get my hands on a copy.  But I don't know. My hands might be otherwise occupied being all UP and stuff because they're playing my song.


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