a big zine post

It's been ages since we've talked about ZINES on this blog, which is silly and so that ends right now.

I got a zine & sticker pack from Grace Miceli ages ago, and I had high expectations for fun, but I was still impressed by the sheer volume of zines (The Official Digital Valley Girl Coloring Book, We Would Be Sisters, and Hey Net Girl Hey), stickers, and temporary tats that she stuffed into that 5 x 7 envelope.

I used to have one of her Pawnee Goddesses stickers that had been a gift from Caroline, but I put it on my car and that car was totaled. I was sad about the whole thing...you know, being in a scary situation that resulted in months of inconvenience and pain, but also losing the sticker, so I when I placed my order, I requested Miss Knope as one of my stickers if it were at all possible. She was all out, but included a Pawnee Goddess print which was super nice of her and totally unnecessary  But I guess us glorious female warriors have gotta look out for each other!

Not even close to fitting everything in.

I have not played this game of MASH, because if I didn't get Drake as my husband, I would probably kill myself.

Cat Haikus and Art and Stuff is a zine my friend Melissa recently put together that is, of course, exactly what is advertised by the title. It features an illustration based on one of my photos and some pretty excellent cat Tweet screenshots.  I proposed that we put together an entire zine of Tweets about cats, so look out for that if I ever decide that doing something I would enjoy and could accomplish easily would be better than not doing anything. You can check it out Melissa's cat blog and Etsy shop, both called A Cat in the Window.

Beaker being the best little zine model in my house.  

Sad Girls Issue 1, which features work by some pretty cool contributors , is available now! I've been looking forward to it ever since Leah let me check out a PDF of the zine when I stopped by her apartment a couple months ago on my fittingly sad vacation, but I didn't give it a proper look through because I thought it would be really antisocial to just show up and hang out on her computer.  The physical copy is super nice and its coffee table presence has already (really unexpectedly) led to my favorite kind of argument (basically the only kind I'm ever in) where everyone's a little drunk and talking over each other and I'm just sitting on the couch laughing really hard.

 Sad Girls and some other fun Leah Goren things! It is just a fact that zine girls are nice and want to give you stickers. I'm especially into the compact mirror with a girl putting on makeup.  

Yelena Bryksenkova's work in Sad Girls and a stack of other zines I dig.  I don't think Megan McIsaac's Excerpts from 2011 is still available, but I'm just gonna take a second to say that she's still killin' it, so go look at her photos.  

And, finally, a little throwback to my zinester beginnings! I initially got into zines when I was in jr high and posted on message boards about punk rock.  I loved reading scans from old fanzines and eventually that led to exchanging personal art zines with like minded individuals, one of which I came across recently.

I never made a fanzine myself, just a lot of featuring my photography and creative writing, and I'm starting to think that maybe since I've been into all this for a decade now, it's about time, but who will the lucky subject be?


  1. I have so many desires right now. I would like to turn the Pawnee Goddesses bit into wallpaper for the inside of my fridge. Is that possible?

  2. Surely the thought of a Drake fanzine must have crossed your mind at one point.

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