thoroughly digging right now: neutrals edition

After a lot of excitement and truly appreciated face-to-face time with people I love, I'm beyond thrilled to be hunkered down for a bit devoted to semi-solitary pursuits.  This includes finally focusing on my writing for the first time too long and going at it for real this time.  Though I'm currently catching up on a few things I've already promised to people, I will be looking for more more more to do very soon, so if any lovely readers want to point me in the direction of people/publications to pitch to, it would be much appreciated!  FULL SPEED AHEAD ON MY DREAMS

Another cool thing is that I'm also back to liking things again! Honest to god appreciation, y'all.  It's a good feeling, so I thought I'd share.


Obviously, Ursa Minor is the best name for anything, and so I'm quite happy that Elizabeth Hudson's clothing and accessories line is so good and full of the other things I'm super into when I'm not too busy loving bears and space.  These shots for Fall/Winter by Francesca Tallone capture the perfect dark-meets-light, dreamy, and unfussy thing that I'm always going for and never achieving quite this well.



Vivian Girls is one of those bands I'll always have a certain affection for, and so it's pretty cool that they all have side projects and that their ex-members (like Frankie Rose!) do cool things too.  Earlier this year, bassist Katy Goodman released her second record as La Sera entitled Sees the Light, which was the perfect happysad break up album.  Cassie Ramone's band with Woods' Kevin Morby, the Babies, will release Our House on the Hill later this year and I'm looking forward to it.  I think the Vivian Girls charm for me, personally, is that they always seem to provide something I need at the time.  Like, right now I'm inching towards the end of summer and it's still too hot and I'm just over it and tired and I don't really want to talk to anyone about anything.  These bands are perfect for indulging my angst without getting too deep into it.  


Rennes and Metrode are a collaboration made in heaven.  I was impressed by the quality of the Rennes pieces I handled at Myth & Symbol when I visited and have dug Metrode's aesthetic for a while now, so I'm naturally smitten with these beauties. It looks like I've already missed out on the tote, but perhaps there will be a pouch in my future!


Despite compelling evidence to the contrary, I find it pretty hard to actually care about celebrities.  Gossip's entertaining and all, but I typically don't feel any sense of personal investment.  Now and again, though, I do get fixated on certain people who I will almost definitely never meet, and right now I have it bad for Aubrey Plaza.

I love her on Parks & Rec and have always thought that she's really, really pretty...but it wasn't until watching an interview with her (and then like a dozen more interviews with her in rapid succession) that I really became obsessed.  Like, I cannot even tell you how much I want to be her. Well, I could, but you would definitely judge me because it's super pathetic.


My sister got a kitten recently and, though all kittens are wonderful, this one is especially great, I think.  The day I met her, she spent a full hour napping in my lap and, though I was exhausted myself, the thought of closing my eyes and missing a single second of her cuteness didn't quite seem worth it.

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  1. I love Aubrey too! She seems so cool. And kittens and handbags too. Hey! X


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